1. What is prawning?

Prawning is the short form of prawn-fishing.

It's like fishing, but you catch prawns. And there is no reel on the rod. 

2. Why should you adopt this hobby?

Prawning is a lifestyle.

It's a mind-healthy, low-cost, 24hour, non-gender/age bias activity.

3. Why choose Hai Bin?

We ensure high water quality standard so that the prawns will be in good condition for catching and consumption. 

4. What if I don't catch anything?

Hai Bin can almost guarantee that you will not walk away with 0 prawns.

We top up our ponds about once an hour, and we have employees that you can approach if you suspect you might you are not doing great.

In worst case scenarios, we do give out frozen prawns to customers, provided if we have it!

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